The role of the private sector in development effectiveness: Common components for success in future partnerships

Attached is a report I co-authored for Development Initiatives and the Global Partnership for Effective Development Cooperation (GPEDC) on the role of the private sector in development. This was presented at the 2015 Busan Global Partnership Forum in Seoul last week.

Plenary 2_Role of the private sector in development effectiveness

The report reviews recent debates about public-private collaboration in support of achieving the new SDGs. It discusses the many ways in which the private sector can be engaged as a partner in the development process. It also reviews a sample of country case studies of successful partnerships between public and private sector partners (often working with local NGOs) which have an explicit developmental focus in order to identify a number of “common components of success” for future partnerships.

The paper makes a number of recommendations for GPEDC to ensure that future partnerships are focused on mutually beneficial outcomes and designed to achieve positive social and economic outcomes for poor people.


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