The Future of Aid: Crisis and Opportunity – How the COVID-19 moment will catalyse change in the aid sector (Summary of a Wilton Park virtual dialogue on 30 April 2020)

This is the second report I co-authored in the Wilton Park dialogue series on The Future of Aid back in April/ May 2020.

This second dialogue focused on how the COVID-19 pandemic could and should serve to catalyse transformation and evolution in the aid sector.

COVID-19 has been a ‘catalytic shock’ to the increasingly dysfunctional ‘aid’ system.
The response to the COVID-19 pandemic has shown that the global development architecture is weak, and not ‘fit for purpose’ to respond to a large scale and global crisis. At the same time this crisis has opened an opportunity to ‘build back better’ by rethinking the global development and financial architecture, systems and the set of modalities used in international cooperation. Potentially moving beyond ODA to Global Public Investment (GPI) for global public goods.


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