The UK’s Response to the Arab Spring – What can we learn from the Arab Partnership?

Arab Partnership Lesson Learning Report June 2015 – 7 Key Lessons for DfID

This is a short summary of some of key lessons from a larger “lesson learning” report on the Arab Partnership that I wrote for DfID’s Middle East & North Africa Department (MENAD) in June 2015.

The full report has not been published so views expressed here are my own and do not necessarily reflect those of DfID.

The Arab Partnership 2011-15 was the UK Government’s £125 million programme to support economic and political transition in the six Arab Countries in Transition (ACT’s) which are Egypt, Jordan, Libya, Morocco, Tunisia and Yemen.

The photo is an image I took in Tahrir Square in Cairo in December 2014 where some amazing protest art had been painted on the external walls of the American University there despite the heavy security presence. One of the rallying cries of protestors in Egypt and elsewhere in the Arab world was for “jobs, bread and dignity”.


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